Wi-Fi Thermostat (Modified)

For home furnace control

Model NDTH10 CN$100

Size 114*52*32mm

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Working of Clock

Green(yellow) LED wall clock

Model ND2308GN CN$200

Size (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

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White LED wall clock (Beta)

Model ND2308WT CN$200

Size (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

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Red LED wall clock

Model ND2305R CN$200

Size (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

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Red LED wall clock

Model ND2308R CN$200

Size (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

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Blue LED wall clock (Beta)

Model ND2305BL CN$200

Size (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

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Blue LED wall clock (Beta)

Model ND2308BL CN$200

Size (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

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Back view

Basic model

Model ND2300BC CN$179

Size (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

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Mass units


Atomic LED Wall Calendar Clock


       *  Seven segment LED displays

       *  Anodized aluminum frame

       *  Automatic DST change

       *  No internet required

       *  Plug & play

       *  Slave units derived deep inside buildings from Master unit

       *  Approximate 100 ft wireless networking

       *  10 or 30 Slaves can be synchronized with one Master

       *  Display number of satellites communicating

       *  12 hour mode only


*  Display size 2.3in for Time, and all other 0.56in or 0.80

*  Minimum intensity light at night to sleep well

*  Display colors available Red, Beta (White, Green and Blue)

*  Dimensions 12L X 7.75H X 1.37W in (300L X 190H X 32W) mm

*  Accuracy in 1/1000 of Second for Master Clock

*  5v LG adaptor power supply   

*  Satellite synchronization

*  No need to set time manually ( time set automatically )



By saying William Shakespeare "Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late". We are intoducing Atomic wall clocks for common man world wide including DST countries where you need to change the time twice a year. Clock communicate with the satellites and maintain time. Good for Airports, Hospitals, schools, Banks, offices and homes worldwide. We are taking advantage of satellites who already have broken the barrier of earth curvature problem, where local atomic radio signal impossible to catch.

For bedrooms and old age people we have introduced an automatic high intensity control circuitry through software which dim the displays at 8 PM to 6 AM.

It consumes very little power (0.5w) like nothing. For long time durability special care has been taken in designing our custom displays and best quality parts to meet the International standards. Clock is built in many computer chips along with complex circuitry modules. Temperature shows room condition in centigrade. For different time zones other than EST please contact us. The aluminum anodized body is made of best quality to stay clean and beautiful surface for long time. Plexiglass sheets are made of best quality acrylic is a blue or red filter on different type of clocks and high breaking point. Please ask for Terms and conditions before you buy.

Terms: 90 Days Warranty, Before using the clock make sure setup process is finishished and there is correct time. Any changes in rates, material or documentation can be made without any notice. For warrenty, terms and working of clock please click here.

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